20 Week Ultrasound Scan in Pregnancy | What to Expect

The Fetal Medicine Centre offers care for pregnant women overseen by doctors who are trained in ultrasound scanning. The ultrasound sound scans performed are of the highest quality along with very useful and sensitive counseling. Check out for the best 20 week ultrasound and best Fetal Medicine Centre Bhubaneswar!

What is Fetal Medicine?

Fetal medicine is a branch of medicine offering care for the fetus and mother. The treatment procedure includes the analysis of fetal growth, wellbeing, diagnosis, and management of fetal disorders, counseling, and related supporting care.

Maternal-fetal medicine is also called perinatology. It is the branch of medicine focusing on the management of health concerns of the mother and fetus starting from conception, birth, and post-child birth. Maternal-fetal medicine experts are the doctors who have done sub-specialization in the field of obstetrics.

What do you mean by 20 week ultrasound?

20 week ultrasound is known as an anatomy scan or mid-pregnancy or anomaly scan and sometimes is scheduled between 18-22 weeks of gestation (period starting from conception to birth of a child).

The 20 week screening scan is given to everybody but it depends on your permission. If you don’t want, it is not mandatory.

The 20-week screening scan is performed in the same way as the 12-week scan. It brings 2D black & white images displaying the side view of the baby. The procedure doesn’t use 3D and color images.

Here, the scan checks the physical growth of the baby but can reveal every condition.

This scan displays a clear picture of the child inside the womb that is baby’s bones, brain, heart, kidney, face, spinal cord, and abdomen. Such a scan will only reveal the conditions or organs that are mentioned and can’t find the fault.

The ultrasound uses high-frequency sound waves to generate the revolving picture of the internal functioning and the baby’s changing form or development.

By early pregnancy scan, the couples and doctors will get a general idea of the child’s size if he/she is trending big, small, or right on track.

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